Sustainable development policy

Politique développement durable - Copie

BIOex considers itself to be "eco-responsible". 

From the moment of its creation in 1998, we undertook to take into account certain sustainable development aspects and, using our resources, our objective is to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.



  • To effectively use resources to the maximum and to recycle our waste selectively:

    • Cardboard, paper and glass sorted into specific containers.
    • Subcontracted collection and recycling of plastic packaging and ink cartridges.
    • Other waste collected by a waste disposal centre.
    • Our marketing materials are printed on recycled paper.
  • To undertake the responsible development of products to reduce their  impact on the environment during their manufacture, use and disposal:

    • Whenever possible, we purchase raw materials in bulk or by full truck in order to reduce packaging waste and the impact of transport related greenhouse effect gases.
    • Our manufacturing products are recycled following a study by our laboratory.
  • To use recyclable materials whenever possible: 

    • Used packaging is purchased for packaging.
  • We monitor our energy consumption:

    • Actions to modernise the building and reduce our thermal energy consumption.
  • Train in and raise the awareness of our staff of environmental issues on a daily basis

    • Specific areas have been created for waste sorting.
    • Parametered printing (printing on two sides of paper, black ink).
    • A preference for electronic communications.
  • To communicate our policy to our staff and keep it informed of all changes to waste elimination and the environment.

  • In partnership with our customers and suppliers, to set up environmental best practises:

    • Bulk delivery for packaging on customer sites and retrieval of empty packaging. 
    • At the logistics level, reduction of the number of trucks through the organisation of collections.
  • To regularly review our policy and our environmental performances depending on changes to legislation and on the new technology that becomes available to us.