Responsible environmental commitment

Engagement environnemental responsable

BIOex is a responsible player in the protection of the environment. It designs and produces  100% fluorine free ecological fire-fighting foams.

The BIOex ecological products ECOPOLBIO FORBIO-T,BIO FOAM are considered to be  ecoproducts since they have a lesser impact on the environment during their life cycle than traditional foam concentrates.

Designed by BIOex to put out specific fires, they are as effective as traditional "polluting" foam concentrates.

Fluorine based fire fighting products are a source of river and soil pollution. Conscious of the harmfulness of these products to animals and man, why not use ecological products that guarantee the same effectiveness? 

Today businesses have a legal and moral duty under their Environmental and Social Responsibilities policies leading them to work with suppliers who are careful of the impact of their products on the environment.

By choosing ecological BIOex foam concentrates, 100% fluorine free high performance products, you are guaranteeing the  safety of your site and your installations while directly contributing to lessening environmental impacts.

So why hesitate?

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