D FOAM - Silicone free anti-foaming agent to abate firefighting foam that has been applied



D-FOAM has been especially designed as an anti-foaming agent to abate fire-fighting foams. After Low, Medium or High expansion tests, or after a training exercise, or after the accidental triggering of a fire extinguisher system, D-FOAM is perfectly suited to the abatement of fire-fighting foams. Thanks to this agent, the area invaded by foam can be cleaned quickly and returned to its previous state.

D-FOAM has a durable effect, even when the environment is subjected to powerful mechanical forces. Thus the foaming power is eliminated and the solution with a concentration of surfactants stops generating foam. This property is especially necessary in the event of accidental spillages; excess foam can overflow and disrupt the operation of sewage treatment stations.


D-FOAM is a silicone free product, it is chemically inert and does not alter the treated liquid. It is perfectly suited to the operation of a sewage treatment plant.


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  • Applicable on existing foam
  • Applicable directly into the foaming solution to prevent discharges from foaming
  • Can be used with a high pressure appliance, hoses in the spraying position, PROPAK...
Warranty 1 year



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