In the navy the main class B fire risk is of the "hydrocarbon" type. 

The BIOex so-called film generating or AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) foam concentrates have been specially developed to put out hydrocarbon fires using a direct jet at a good distance from the fire.

Carried by their sensitiveness and their desire to protect the environment, marine professionals are conscious of the ecological impact of the use of classic foam concentrates. They therefore increasingly tend to choose ecological fire fighting foam concentrates.  

Thus, BIOex has designed a line of 100% fluorine free foam concentrates that meet the operational needs of seamen and minimise the ecological impacts of a release into the sea. Usable as Low and Medium Expansion, the foam concentrates adapted to use on fires on board ships must make it possible to put out a fire quickly at a distance. They create a thick mattress of foam and limit the spread of the fire. These products can also be used for High Expansion, making it possible to drown ships' holds or engine rooms.

The foam concentrates are governed by the IMO standard and are approved by official bodies such as Bureau Veritas.

We have been the partners of many ship owners for over 15 years, our experience is at your disposal to accompany you in analysing your fire fighting needs.

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