Heliport / Helistation

Heliports or helistations are subject to airport fire rules. Hydrocarbons are the main fire risk.

Specially designed, AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) fire fighting foam concentrates make it possible to put out a fire directly on the surface of the burning liquid and from a distance using long range fire fighting equipment.

The ecological impact is a concern that tends to modify the choice of a classic foam concentrate in favour of an ecological foam concentrate. 

BIOex has developed ECOPOL; a fluorine free AR (Alcohol Resistant) foaming agent effective by its nature on class B fires of the "hydrocarbon" type using indirect application.
Tests in live conditions have proven the effectiveness of the product and its high versatility in foam applications.

Specific foam concentrates are subject to the ICAO standard, and also approval by a national technical organisation.

BIOex can accompany you in your studies of the choice of fire protection products for heliports and bring you its expertise. 

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