Fire protection on airports and aerodromes is a public safety issue. They are faced with an inflammable liquid non miscible with water risk Class B - hydrocarbon fires.

The so-called film generating, or AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) foam concentrates are needed to put out fires of water-immiscible liquids using a direct jet and at a distance using a long distance monitor or fire hose.

An increasing number of users in the aeronautical field are questioning the impact of these fire fighting foams and are modifying their operating habits in favour of ecological foam concentrates.

BIOex proposes ECOPOL: a fluorine free so-called versatile or AR (Alcohol Resistant) foam concentrate effective on class B fires of the "hydrocarbon" type using indirect application.

Tested and recognised by many professionals in the sector, ECOPOL meets environmental concerns and fire extinguishing requirements for hydrocarbon fires and polar solvent fires (ECOPOL, multi risk foam concentrates, going even further as it can also be used on class A fires and can be applied to toxic vapours).

The foam concentrates suitable for airport fires are governed by the ICAO standar, and for some countries this is coupled to recognition by a national technical office.

With its access to many airports, BIOex has good knowledge of the specificities of this activity allowing it to propose the fire safety solution you need.

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