BIO T - FLUORINE FREE biodegradable training foam concentrate for use on hydrocarbon fires



The BIOex research and development team has designed a true ecological and economical alternative for quality training.

BIO T training foam concentrates generate a light foam allowing the fast re-ignition of the fuel layer used for training purposes. 
This has the advantage of giving fire fighting teams the opportunity of training using a single training system. The rotation of teams training on this system also makes it possible for trainees to see how to apply additives and then handle them, thus giving a certain objectivity to handling fire-fighting foam concentrates in live conditions.

The extinguishing properties of the BIO T foam base have been deliberately reduced. Thus teams can train to improve their fire extinguishing techniques by perfecting how they apply them.

Once the training session is over, the BIO T foam is easy to clean due to its rapid settling.


BIO T line products are totally free of fluorine derivatives. 

They are easy to eliminate because these foam concentrates are biodegradable. They deteriorate quickly without any PBT residues (Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxin).

Depending on the capacity of your sewage treatment station and your waste contract, BIO T training foam concentrates can be eliminated  without using incineration..


Pictogramme Logo TRAINING FOAM BIO T
  • Usable at Low, Medium and High Expansion¬†
  • Applicable on hydrocarbon fires such as fuel, diesel oil, petrol, kerosene, etc.
  • Used for all types of manoeuvres¬†
  • Compatible with all equipment on the market, under identical conditions to a classic operational foam concentrate.

  • Features:
           - Usable at 1%, 3% and 6%. 
Warranty 2 years



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The BIO T foam concentrate line is ideal for training and learning how to handle operational foam concentrates. These training additives are perfectly suitable for emergency fire team training.

BIO T is available in several concentrations making it possible to better adapt to existing fire extinguishing systems.  


Usable at concentrations of 3%. 


Usable at concentrations of 6%.