Waste processing / Household waste incineration units

In most household waste incineration plants the main fire risk is assimilated to solid, class A fires. 

Our BIO FOR wetting additives put out fires quickly and in depth and limit the risk of local re-ignition. They are therefore perfectly suited to Household Waste Incineration Plants and to all solid waste storage and processing businesses.

However, the analysis of your fire risk is essential to determine the most suitable fire fighting foam concentrate.

Some waste to be processed can be liquid, of the "hydrocarbon" type or the "polar solvent "type.

Using a gentle or indirect application, some BIOex wetting agents also cover the "hydrocarbon" risk. This effectiveness is certified by obtaining the EN 1568-3 standard at very low concentrations.

In the case of storage of liquid products that are miscible with water, the most preoccupying risk being considered the main risk, the use of adapted foam concentrates is required. Developed to meet the specific issue, versatile or AR (Alcohol Resistant) fire fighting foam concentrates are imperatively required.

We have been the partners of many industries for over 15 years, our experience is at your disposal to accompany you in analysing your needs.

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