Oil industry

Oil companies are regularly faced with fire safety issues. Their main fire risks are hydrocarbon fires (class B fires). 

BIOex has developed film generating foam concentrates, called AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam), needed to put out these hydrocarbon fires. These foam concentrates make it possible to fight these class B fires using a direct jet at a distance from the burning liquid using a long range hose or monitor.

Nowadays, fuels increasingly contain additives. Fire risks change accordingly. These additives can be assimilated to liquids miscible with water (polar solvents) and require adapted foam concentrates. 
Designed specially, so called versatile or AR (Alcohol Resistant) foam concentrates are imperative to put out polar solvent fires.
They are also effective on class B fires of the "hydrocarbon" type, either combined with the film generating action (AFFF-AR) with direct application, or gentle application (so-called indirect, or Medium Expansion).

BIOex brings you its expertise to select the additive most suited to your needs.

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