Chemical industry

There are several concurrent risks in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries:

  • Inflammable liquid fires (class B) of the "hydrocarbon" type (non-miscible with water) or of the "polar solvent " type  (miscible with water).
  • The release of toxic vapours from products that react with water.

The control of products miscible with water requires a fire fighting foam concentrate of the versatile or AR (Alcohol Resistant) type. The specific foam concentrates that protect from fires are also effective on class B fires of the "hydrocarbon" type using gentle or indirect application.

Toxic vapours are an increasingly present danger that is characterised by the release into the atmosphere of gaseous substances. These products have a high capability to destroy conventional foams. In some cases, the application of fire fighting foams is strongly discouraged as the reaction can be violent. On the other hand, the application of a specially designed NEUTRAL PLUS foam is highly recommended.

BIOex can support you with your choice of fire protection products for industry and bring you its expertise. 

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