Fire services

Fire brigades, as opposed to specific industries, must cover all types of fire risk in their intervention zone. The choice of a foam concentrate is a true challenge since it directly impacts the logistics and the operating methods of the fire fighting services.

The choice of fire fighting foam must be relative to the highest risk depending on the type of intervention.

The solid class A risk requires the use of a wetting type additive that quickly puts out fires in depth and limits the risks of re-ignition. 
Using a gentle or indirect application, some BIOex wetting agents also cover the "hydrocarbon" risk. Thus, urban fire risks are fully covered: solid, vertical structure, bins, vehicles...

The liquid - class B "hydrocarbon" type risk requires a so-called film generating or AFFF foam concentrate  (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) to put out the fire using a direct jet at a long range. Nevertheless, as more and more fuels have additives, the fire risk is changing. Sometimes these additives can be assimilated to liquids miscible with water and require AR type adapted foam concentrates.

The liquid - Class B  "polar solvent" type risk requires a versatile or AR foam concentrate (Alcohol Resistant). These foam concentrates are also effective on class B fires of the "hydrocarbon" type, either combined with the AFFF action, or using a gentle or indirect application.

The toxic vapour risk can be contained using a foam specially designed by BIOex for products that react to water. This action makes it possible to contain the vapours while emergency services are being organised.

A multi risk foam concentrate solution:
Industry uses an increasing number of raw materials that are miscible with water. The fire risk from polar solvents is therefore increased in traffic accident interventions identified as the major risk by many emergency services. The use of an AR foam concentrate is therefore imperative.

To face all 4 of the risks listed above, and to guarantee effectiveness on all types of intervention, BIOex has specially developed ECOPOL : a multi risk ecological foam concentrate.
Formulated to be 100% fluorine free, it meets current ecological concerns. Fire brigades are in fact convinced of the ecological impact of the foaming products they use and are modifying their operating methods in favour of ecological foam concentrates.

BIOex has been the partners of many fire brigades for over 15 years and is attentive to their operational needs to offer an adapted management of foam concentrate stocks. 

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