The army's emergency services are faced with several fire risks depending on their forces:

  • The risk of solid fires (class A) requires a wetting additive, to penetrate the core of the fire and reduce the risk of re-ignition.
  • Liquid fire risks (class B) that include 2 types of fire hazard:
    • Hydrocarbon fires: These inflammable water-immiscible liquids can be controlled by the AFFF action of a film producing foam concentrate, or by a mechanical smothering effect using a non AFFF foam concentrate (indirect jet or Medium Expansion).
    • Polar solvent fires: All liquids miscible with water require an AR foam concentrate (Alcohol Resistant).

Some solvents release toxic vapours  that can be neutralised thanks to a foam specially designed by BIOex. This action makes it possible to contain the vapours while emergency services are being organised.

The will to encourage the use of ecological foam concentrates to protect our environment is one of the new challenges for the  defence industry. 

BIOex is attentive to its users' needs and offers the most suitable product to control your risks.

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