Installers are in charge of defining the foam concentrate required depending on the fire risks and technical constraints of their customer sites.

BIOex is positioned as a partner for fire installers and accompanies design offices and contract managers in their choice of fire fighting foam concentrate to control the fire risk in question.

The knowledge of the fire risk is a crucial element in controlling the fire and making the correct choice of foam application method:

Class A solid risk

Present in storage, recycling and waste recycling industries, it requires in-depth extinguishing, in order to quickly reach the heart of the fire and limit re-ignition. BIO FOR wetting and foaming agents meet all these requirements. 

Using a gentle or indirect application, they also cover "hydrocarbon" risks. Thus, class A fire risks are fully covered: solid, vertical structure, bins, vehicles...

Liquid class B risk - ''Hydrocarbons''

In most oil industries, airports, fuel storage companies, a direct jet extinguishing technique (doped sprinklers) or long range (static monitors)... is recommended. These water-immiscible liquids require a so-called film generating AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) fire fighting foam concentrate.  Non film generating fire fighting foam concentrates also cover this risk when used in a gentle or indirect application (Medium - High expansion, or running the extinguishing foam off an adjacent vertical surface).

Liquid class B risk - ''Polar solvents''

Every industry that produces,uses, and/or stocks liquids that are miscible with water are concerned and only so called versatile or AR (Alcohol Resistant) foam concentrates can put out these fires.
Certified by the EN1568-4 standard these AR foam concentrates must be applied using an indirect jet (the foam is applied to an adjacent vertical surface) or using gentle application  (Medium expansion, foam box, foam pourers boxes, foam chambers, R12 High Expansion…).

The most preoccupying risk being considered the main risk, the storage of products miscible with water requires an AR foam concentrate and an installation providing a suitable extinguishing capability.

Chemical risks caused by toxic vapours

Certain industries also have a risk of releasing toxic vapours, and need a delaying solution. The foam produced by our NEUTRAL PLUS agent can be used to suppress vapours. They are very useful in unloading zones and are an additional solution that can be essential.

Industrials, aware of their social and environmental responsibility are convinced  by BIOex ecological products. They protect the environment because free from fluorine compound surfactants.

1st producer of fluorine free foam concentrates and rich with 15 years of experience on the most varied industrial sites, BIOex is a specialist and can accompany you on your customer projects. 

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