Our partner distributors are careful to provide the fire fighting foam concentrate the most suited to the fire risks in their customers' existing or future installations.

The determination of the risk covered by the foam concentrate is therefore essential.

Class A fire: solid risk

The BIO FOR wetting and foaming agents are specially designed to reach the heart of the fire and limit the risks of it restarting. Using gentle or indirect application, they also cover the hydrocarbon fire risk. In storage that includes water-immiscible liquids, the risks (solid, vertical structure, bins, vehicles...) are controlled.

Class B fires: inflammable liquid risk

Liquids non miscible with water are called "hydrocarbons", and the liquids miscible with water are called "polar solvents".

Hydrocarbons (heptane, cyclohexane, fuel, diesel, kerosene, benzene, toluene...) may require a so-called film generating or AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) foam concentrate to put out the fire using a direct jet at a long distance using long range fire fighting equipment. 
However, an increasing number of fuels now contain additives which are  liquid products miscible with water and require specific AR (Alcohol Resistant) foam concentrates.

Polar solvents can only be controlled using a versatile (or AR Alcohol Resistant) foam concentrate. These  foam concentrates also cover the "hydrocarbon" type fire risks by combining the AFFF action or using a gentle or indirect application. 

Toxic vapours: chemical risk

Some liquids have a violent reaction to water and release toxic vapours. BIOex has specially formulated a NEUTRAL PLUS foam concentrate that can be used to neutralise these vapours.

The major risk, even with minimal quantities, should be considered to determine the choice of required foam concentrate.

With its 15 years of industry expertise and with all users of fire fighting foam concentrate users, BIOex has undertaken the design of ecological products. The business is therefore in line with the notion of social and environmental responsibility. 
BIOex will accompany you technically to define the best fire protection solution for your customers.

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