Human resource policy

Politique RH

For 35 years Genetech group has built itself on strong values shared by the teams from the 5 group companies in France and abroad.

Our universe is the world of fire fighting and emergency-rescue. 
Our customers therefore expect us to be professional, permanently reactive, with a constant capacity to innovate and to guarantee our know-how to meet the requirements of these fields in perpetual motion.

 The values that we share internally are also shared with our customers every day:

  • Professionalism has always been at the core of our business culture. Beyond our involvement, which by definition is customer oriented, every year the group's companies invest beyond their legal duty to develop their employees' skills. Accompanied from the moment they join, skill management is set up for each one of them.
  • A true driving force for performance and success, the team spirit drives us and helps us to successfully complete projects in which we are committed together. We also encourage inter-company cooperation allowing us to offer our customers a unique and complementary range of products and services.
  • Daring and initiatives characterise our dynamism and our will to undertake, that bears new directions for growth. We encourage exchange and thought about various issues to collect everyone's ideas and offer our customers new solutions.
  • Innovation is an integral part of the strategies of each Genetech group company. They innovate through the products they design and the services they offer. At BIOex, innovation is turned towards the design of ecological non polluting products! To join the group is to participate in the creation of these products and services.
  • Being attentive to our customers is also an essential part. Internally and in our customer relations, it allows correct understanding and, as a result, makes it possible to give the answer suited to their needs.

A group turned towards humanity 

Our national and international influence, the diversity of our partners and our fields of activity are major strengths in the field of professional progress.

So our management team associated with our human resource team are attentive to the well being of each employee and to their career plan.

All our employees have a personal contact making a natural exchange between employees and managers possible (missions, priorities, working environment, opinions and wishes, skills and training of each person, etc.)